1. Provide, import and purchasing engineering operation goods and equipment
    • Sales representative of all Georg Fischer piping products in Mahshahr and Asalouyeh
    • Providing filtration systems and related spare parts. (PALL_ FAUDI _ DR.M _ ASCO…)
    • Supply of goods and needed equipment for projects (Domestic and foreign brands)
    • Providing all special machinery and equipment for projects
    • Providing all static and rotary equipment
    • Supplying a wide range of Piping Project Equipment
  2.  Supply of wide range of industrial chemicals
    • Supply of wide range of powdered chemicals
    • Supply of solvents, solutions and acids
    • Supply of all kinds of mineral materials.
    • Supply of industrial oils
    • Supply of all kinds of catalysts
  1.  Electrical Department
    • Providing electrical projects and instruments
    • Supplying Ex-proof equipment